Diet Plan Bootcamp




Diet Plan Bootcamp Challenge:

Get on the fast track and see yourself succeed.

The Diet Plan Bootcamp program is designed to hold you accountable to your goals as you learn how to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

You’ll learn how to master new habits in nutrition, mindset and plan out efficient workouts at the gym. Throughout the program you’ll receive actionable steps that you need to do on a daily to help you stay on target of your health goals. By the end of the program our objective is to teach you how to fuel your body with the right nutrition and learn how to boost your metabolism without going on a diet.


How long is the program:

The program is designed for 90 consecutive days. A gym membership will be required to participate. You can go at your own pace but it’s suggested that you follow along with the program for best outcome.


What you’ll learn:

– How to train and eat according to your body type and lifestyle

– Basics of flexible dieting (IIFYM) / macros counting and when to use it for weight loss or maintaining your weight

– What is carb-cycling and how you can use this strategy to boost your metabolism and maximize your weight loss

– When to include cardio in your workouts. How to know if you’re doing too much cardio and which intensity style is best for you

– Different styles and approaches to weight training, resistance training and muscle development

– How to shop on a grocery budget without breaking the bank

– Nutrition meal and supplement recommendations


What is included in your program:

– Comprehensive Diet Plan Bootcamp workbook

– Lifetime membership access to recipes

– Bi weekly checkin reminders

– Accountability & support

– Recommended workout and meal plan guides

– Access to private weight loss mastermind community

– Downloadable worksheets ready for use to track your progress


Who this Diet Plan Bootcamp is for:

– Females only

– Beginners who are just starting out on their fitness journey

– Those who need more accountability and guidance

– Have been on a few diet programs in the past but not in calorie deficiency for over 6 months

– Cleared and approved by medical professional to start a diet and exercise program

– Need a structured meal plan recommendations

– Main goal is to target fat loss


Who this Diet Plan Bootcamp is NOT for:

– Intermediate or expert level. You have already achieved your goal

– Dabblers. Have a habit or starting but never finishing a task

– Have a medical history of any type of body dysmorphia/ food disorder

– Not mentally and physically ready for a health transformation


How it works:

It’s simple. We are taking the guesswork out of living a healthier lifestyle and teaching you the how-to steps. You’ll finally know when to eat, what to eat and how to get over your plateaus in your training and nutrition.

Think of this program as being your virtual fitness buddy helping you stay motivated and accountable during your fitness and health transformation. We are here to provide you with all the how-to steps but you still need to take massive action on your part.

During the 90 day Diet Plan Bootcamp program you’ll set weekly goals for yourself. You’ll also be required to check in with your coach on a biweekly basis to see how your progress is going in the membership site.

This program is all about building new habits and learning how to rewire your way of thinking about dieting. So what else is required?

The bootcamp program is designed in a specific way that will gradually train your mindset for success in health and fitness. Daily reminders will be sent to you via email and phone to track your food and letting you know when it’s time to meal prep or go to the gym. You’ll be required to login to your membership site to track your goals to make sure you’re on target.


†After purchase you’ll be emailed login details and given access to all of our downloadable information. Personal training sessions, private mentorship and custom meal plans are not included.