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Vivian Weissman is a certified weight loss strategist that specializes in holistic transformations — the mind, body and nutritional science.

Her mission is to empower people to believe in themselves through fitness and nutrition. She believes that mindset work is the first step to making any transformation happen, especially when it comes to your body image and living a healthier lifestyle.

What makes us different is really our approach to fitness and nutrition. It’s our philosophy and core values.

  • Mindset
  • Nutritional science
  • Strength training

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Creating My Own Story

Growing up in New York, I intuitively knew that I was always meant to do great things and be successful. I just didn’t know how. It wasn’t until freshman year in high school that I’ve discovered weight training and fell in love with the sport. I wanted to know everything about bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition.

A few years into me building my ideal physique, I’ve developed an obsession around food and became an emotional eater. I’ve counted every calorie, gone on several diets and over trained so that I can obtain this unrealistic and unattainable image of what I thought was beautiful.

In 2006 I had a wake up call after years of struggling with my body image. I knew that something had to change and it wasn’t going to happen through depriving myself and self-sabotaging. That’s when I dove deep into personal growth and discovered that how you view yourself is a direct reflection of all the results you get.

From then on my mission was to figure out how to use food as fuel and live a healthy lifestyle without going on a diet. After years of in depth studying on nutritional science and working with the top experts in fitness and personal growth industry, I’ve learned that relying on dieting to help you lose weight is a recipe for failure.

After recovering from my emotional eating stage, I wanted to know how to achieve total wellness.

For over a decade that has become my obsession and passion. It’s teaching you how you can improve your body image, love yourself through the process and ditch your diet for good. That’s why in all of my programs you’ll see me focusing more on body positivity and inner wellness than getting you to that perfect weight. I’ve been down that road of trying to achieve the “ideal body” and even through on the outside I may of looked healthy and fit, on the inside I wasn’t.

Here is my philosophy on dieting and weight loss. When you get your mind right, the body will follow. It’s time to step away from living on the treadmill and step into living a balanced lifestyle. It’s great to look aesthetically pleasing, but at what cost?

I am also the best-selling author of No More Diets  — How to Overcome Emotional Eating and Get Fit For Life.

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